Packages This package is the main package for the Java Multiedition DPWS Stack (JMEDS) 2.0, containing the main framework class. This package contains classes enabling Attachment support for the JMEDS framework. This package defines the communication protocol within the JMEDS framework. Creates a simple threadpool which supports dynamic adding and removing of threads, as well as automatic disposal of idle threads after a set time (Threadpool). This package contains classes defining the various (final) constants used throughout the project. Implements various tools for the handling of messages between local/remote devices and clients. Implements classes responsible for the handling of events by clients. The class BuffedInputStream provides the ability to read from a stream without consuming it. Modelises a file system. Parsing and serialisation The interface ElementHandler and the class ElementParser implement an XML parser (adapted for both DPWS 2006 and 2009 standards) converting each XML element (including attributes) into a usable java object The XmlSerializer interface and its implementation XmlSerializerImplementation convert each ElementHandler instance into serial format, writing XML blocks to a Writer stream. Modelisation of Messages, notably SOAP headers and Faults. Modelises messages involved in the Discovery process, along with the accompanying discovery data they carry. Implements the various WS-Eventing related messages: subscribe, unsubscribe, subscription end, renew and get status. Implements related WS-Transfer messages, that is GetMessage, GetMessageResponse, GetMetadataMessage, GetMetadataResponseMessage. Registers a device for device presentation. Contains all classes relating to XML Schema, and its representation in Java. Implements the DPWSSecurityManager manages most aspects of the security implementation for the JMEDS framework Defines local and remote Devices, Services and Operations (actions supported by the service). Allows representation of XML documents as Java Objects. Implementation of listeners to be notified of changes of Service/Device references through the use of callback methods. Custom implementation of most common datastructures (no generics). Implements a number of datatypes/formats/containers as Java objects required by the JMEDS WebServices framework such as from WS-Addressing (EndPointReference, etc.), or to store the required data during the various phases of the process. Utility package including a Log implementation, additional mathematical methods, search algorithms, a WatchDog and an ObjectPool, etc. Implementation of a WSDL parser and serialiser. Implements SOAP-over-UDP binding, after having checked the validity of the binding.